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$299 By Owner flat fee mls Sarasota county, Florida

One Full Plan for by owner Flat Fee MLS Sarasota County Incl: Trend Report, Comps, Support, Disclosures, Forms, Checklist, Lockbox and Yard Sign. Represent yourself to pay about 1/2* & you can still sell by owner without the aid of MLS if you find a buyer yourself; no commission, just a low $350 transaction fee.

Sarasota by owner flat fee MLS Sarasota County Fl Flat Fee MLS Sarasota Fl

By owner flat fee MLS Sarasota flat fee MLS Sarasota County

List a home for sale on By Owner Flat Fee MLS Sarasota County for $299 and offer about 3%* (up to you) if an agent brings a buyer, which includes all broker fees. We provide you the same maximum listing pictures and worldwide exposure as our full service. Sarasota Flat Fee MLS is also available in the rest of Central & South Florida.

If totally representing yourself on Flat Fee MLS Sarasota County, Fl is not for you, try our level up Limited Service MLS Sarasota, click here.

If you decide that totally representing yourself against all agents and broker is too much stress try Level Up Limited Service with representation, click here.


The MLS stands for the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a local database of homes for sale by REALTORS® that offer commission based sales opportunities. Nearly 90% of homes are sold through REALTORS®. All Sarasota County REALTORS® use the Sarasota County MLS when searching for homes for bona fide buyers. Agents/Brokers want to show a home that is at the right price and the right commission. MLS is a fantastic system of trading property offers to real estate professionals and Worldwide Internet advertising of your property.


Only licensed REALTORS® have access to the Sarasota County MLS. Mymlsbroker.com acting as your listing broker, will post your MLS listing for you. You will represent yourself against all agents. All of the properties in the Broker's MLS can be uploaded to REALTOR. com®, Trulia. com, Zillo. com, Homestore. com® and hundreds of websites for the general public to view. However, uploading the broker's listing across these sites can take up to a week.

How Sarasota Flat fee MLS sign up works

1. Start here to receive value reports and online listing forms.

3. Review your comp listings and reports.

4. Once the required forms are signed, we will post your listing, then we send you a copy.

Click here to review client responsibilities.

  1. No Guessing Preparation: Receive Value Reports, CMA Comp Listings, Trend Report, Property Details & disclosures
  2. ​Save thousands in commission representing yourself - same local MLS as full service with powerful worldwide internet exposure of up to  35 pictures. *Choose your own Flat Rate Commission amount offered for buyers, during the easy online listing process, *ex. 3%.
  3. No time limits - list as long as you want - take as long as you want
  4. No printing - No mailing - No faxing - makes it easy to list
  5. Realtor.com listing & exposure on every applicable website available to MLS, plus broker IDX searches on broker/agent websites
  6. ​Free edits on Sarasota Flat Fee MLS Sarasota County, Fl: advertise open house dates on MLS, we'll provide a PDF flyer. If you provide a video tour - we will upload it
  7. Customized yard sign and handy lock box is included

Mymlsbroker.com By Owner Flat Fee MLS, Florida Limited Service MLS, Florida Listing Agent
Full Plan: by Owner flat fee MLS Sarasota, Fl

​​     Our $299.00 By Owner Flat Fee MLS MLS Sarasota, Fl features:

  • Broker's home value reports, property details, comparable sold/leased reports & market summary report emailed to you
  • Online or PDF listing forms
  • Sarasota Realtor's MLS listing that works, it's the same MLS as full service with worldwide advertising exposure
  • List for as long as you want, offer a commission you decide, as a precent or $
  • Your contact info on the MLS listing for all Realtors® to call/email
  • PDF contracts forms, leases, addenda or disclosures; if you need them
  • Find your own buyer through your own efforts to pay NO commission; only a low $350 transaction fee
  • Realtor.com listing like full service
  • ​MLS listing on Trulia.com, Zillow, Yahoo, Msn, Homefinder and hundreds more with the full power of broker's MLS
  • Listed on all MLS agent and MLS broker websites through IDX search & Florida Realtors® ​MLS Advantage
  • ​Up to 35 pictures - easily uploaded (max allowed by MLS)
  • ​Free and easy Sarasota MLS listing updates & open houses - just ask
  • ​Withdraw at any time, free​
  • Deal directly with your listing broker Michael Conciatori

SAVE $1,000S With By owner FLAT FEE MLS Sarasota, Florida, USA

A real estate broker standard full service listing agreement pays commission to both the buyer-side broker and seller-side broker; usually about 6%, depending on your local market. By using our By Owners Flat Fee MLS Sarasota, Florida, you cut that amount in about half. You pay a $299.00 listing fee and an amount of your choice, usually about 3% to get the buyer & that includes a $350 transaction fee. Landlords save 1/2 a months rent, depending your situation.


Find an unrepresented buyer who doesn't work with an agent to avoid commission expenses. Pay only a low $350 transaction fee.  If you need contract paperwork, we can email contract forms to you. You are free to sell for sale by owner. Attract buyers attention with the easy to read yard sign.

Sarasota Flat Fee MLS by Owner expert MLS Broker $299