​Orlando limited service MLS Representation: we manage pricing, all calls, negotiations, paperwork & represent you 

    Mymlsbroker.com's Orlando Limited Service MLS with agent representation is only limited in that we do not visit the home, but we do represent all of your interests in the sale as a single agent full representative. We provide a 18"x24" custom print coroplast yard sign and a combo lockbox (if used), price opinion, market reports, answer all calls, verify all realtors, make appointments, gather feedback, follow up, negotiate, contract the sale paperwork and follow through to closing with expert support.

     There's a $299 listing fee, then pay commission at the closing averaging 3% to 4%' including all commission for both the buyer side and seller side.   *Mymlsbroker.com commission percentage is lower for higher priced homes, call us for information or start here to receive valuable details. There's no cancellation fee, so you're not punished if your plans change. Please call 813-333-5095 for immediate details.

    ' Owner may agree to conduct open houses or conduct a showing for buyers procured by mymlsbroker.com which implements the lower commission of 1.5% to 2.5% total, for mymlsbroker.com to help with the buyer and the seller as transaction broker. The discount will be negotiated in the listing agreement offer we send to you. This is how you save 50% or more using Limited Service MLS. 

     Orlando Limited Service MLS works in place of full service because if you are not available to show the home or live out of town, we use cooperating Realtors to show and your cost is still limited to 4% or less, depending on the home's value. This is how you save about 35% with this plan.

​   The seller's obligation is to provide pictures and visit the property to install the yard sign and lockbox (if used), as well as a couple other visits to the property that may be required for an inspection, final walkthrough, and the like. Photographers are available for an average cost of $250.00 to $500, plus $80 to $175 for adding a video tour, ask about the details.

   Start up here, we will contact you with your details today! ​Let's work together so you can keep more of your own equity while selling your residential or commercial real estate with the help of a fair, trustworthy & experienced real estate office - Mymlsbroker.com.​​

LIMITED SERVICE MLS Orlando, Central & South Florida, USA

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Mymlsbroker.com By Owner Flat Fee MLS, Florida Limited Service MLS, Florida Listing Agent

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Save 35%* to 50% or more off our Full Service by Orlando Limited Service MLS Orlando, Florida. Limit cost, contact Michael Conciatori to List on MLS Orlando Fl with agent Representation or list By Owner on MLS here.

REASONS TO CHOOSE Orlando Limited Service MLS representation​
  1. Easy online limited service MLS sign up to save $1,000
  2. Review reports and Price Opinion provided by a knowledgeable Florida Listing Realtor®
  3. Our Prepared Office will contact you and prepare a range of reasonable expectation.
  4. Extend listing duration or Withdraw for Free at any time
  5. Use our Max Price Checklist to help improve your listing and pricing.
  6. Owner provides pictures and we produce a thorough MLS listing.
  7. customized yard sign and lockbox are included, when applicable.
  8. You can post an open house to MLS, usually with about 1 weeks notice, so Realtors® and buyers have time to prepare to show up. We will provide a sign in sheet and follow up with individuals for you. If a buyer without representation is procured from an open house, then the lower Transaction Broker commission will apply.
  9. Listing Agent Negotiates and Processes your paperwork
  10. We email all access the entire transaction online, view it at any time.
  11. Limited Service MLS Orlando Agent manages the closing.
  12. We have the tools to help manage Sellers and Buyers from anywhere in the world.​


   Whats next? Once you decide to begin Limited Service MLS Orlando with mymlsbroker.com, there will be a few forms to complete and some pictures to upload. All of this will be done online by email and mymlsbroker.com completes as much as possible for you to review and sign electronically, when allowable. You may mail in forms or make other arrangements with Michael.

   After that, Mymlsbroker.com will handle the showings as per your instructions and manage the details, feedback and offers that will surely arrive. A $299.00 upfront listing fee buys into this reduced rate, full representation plan with a local mls listing, 1 sign, 1 lockbox and no cancellation fee should you later decide to cancel. We can negotiate competitive rates ourselves or with other brokers, should you need full service later.


Mymlsbroker.com Limited Service MLS Orlando, Florida with agent representation means that we manage all the details of listing and selling. We handle appointment calls, feedback, negotiations & paperwork at a substantially reduced rate from our Full Service; save 35%' or more. There's a $299 listing fee, then pay commission at the closing, as low as 1.50%' if we find the buyer or up to 4%* with another broker's participation. Start here, receive a detailed offer, because higher home value = lower percentage rates.

​​Michael Conciatori  ​813-333-5095​​​  Licensed Real Estate Broker

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As a single agent, Mymlsbroker.com and its associates owe to you the following duties:
1. Dealing honestly and fairly;
2. Loyalty;
3. Confidentiality;
4. Obedience;
5. Full disclosure;
6. Accounting for all funds;
7. Skill, care, and diligence in the transaction;
8. Presenting all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner, unless a party has previously directed the licensee otherwise in writing; and
9. Disclosing all known facts that materially affect the value of residential real property and are not readily observable.

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