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​​Michael Conciatori  ​813-333-5095​​​  Licensed Real Estate Broker

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My Mls Broker


Limited Service MLS With Representation

​Limited Service MLS Listing With Representation

Level Up Limited Service

Level Up Limited Service MLS

Level Up Limited Service MLS Listing

Next Level Limited Service MLS

​Next Level Limited Service MLS Listing

3 Ways to Sell a House

3 Ways to Sell A Home

​W/ CMA+Checklist+EForms+Sign & More

$299 MLS+Reports+Comps+EForms+Sign&

INCL Reports+CMA+EForms+Sign+Keybox


CMA+Checklist+EForms+Sign & More

Support+Checklist+Sign+Keybox& More

Incl. Eforms+Checklist+Sign+Keybox+

Tailored Reports+Comps+EForms+Sign+

INCL Reports+Comps+EForms+Sign+More



Checklist+Reports+CMA+EForms & More

Flat Fee MLS to Full Serve Savings.

FSBO MLS or Limited & Full Service

Incl Trend Report+CMA+. Checklist+Support+Sign& More Online

Trend Report+CMA+EForm+Sign+Keybox+


INCL Reports+CMA+EForm+Sign+Keybox+

W/ Reports+Comps+EForms+Sign+Keybox

One Full Flat Fee Plan & Checklist

One Full MLS Listing Plan, Online+.


Extreme Value MLS Plan, All Online.


Expert Easy Online Service Options

List a Home on MLS Flat Fee Pay 1/2*


3 Ways My Agent Can Sell a Home.

FSBO MLS or Full & Limited Service

MLS Listing+Reports+EForms+CMA+More

3 Selling Options - Save $1,000's.

Fast, Low Cost, No Minimum Duration

Online Reports+Comps+EForms+Sign+

MLS Only or Limited & Full Service.

We Sell Your Home - Low Cost Agent.

$299 Flat Fee Represent Yourself.

We Sell Your Home - Low Commission.

MLS+Trend Report+Comps+Checklist.

+Support+Eforms+Sign+Keybox & More

One Full Listing Plan & Checklist.

MLS+Trend Report+CMA+Checklist.

FSBO on MLS & Limited Full Service

Limited Full Service Agents

We list your home & manage action.


Comps+Checklist+EForms+Sign & More.

​Full Service-Limited Service-FSBO MLS

Agent MLS Limited or Full Service.

Represent Thyself on MLS

Represent Thyself on MLS, Pay 1/2*.

List Your Sale Like an Agent Online.

Sell Your Home on MLS - Pay 1/2*.

INCL. Trend Report+CMA+EForms+Sign+

Flat Fee FSBO, Represent Yourself+.

Flat Fee MLS or Full & Lmtd Serve.

Extreme Values Selling Real Estate.

Flat Fee MLS - Limited & Full Serve

Extreme Value selling Real Estate.

One Extreme Value No guessing Plan.

Save Half W/ Reports+Comps+EForms+Sign+

Represent Yourself+Save Thousands+.

One Unbeatable Plan + No Guessing+


One Full Flat Fee Plan Incl: CMA+. Trend Report+Checklist+EForms+Sign+

One Full Flat Fee MLS Plan Online+.

List For Sale/Rent on MLS, Online.

​List For Sale/Rent on MLS, Online+.

​Real MLS, Self Represent, Pay 1/2*

​Real MLS, Self Represent, Pay Half*

​Sell Your Home on MLS, Pay Half*

Fully Tailored From Start to Closed

​Flat Fee MLS to Full Serve Savings

​FL Market Report+Comps+EForms+Sign+


​+Checklist+EForms+Sign+ Online Easy


​$299 Flat Fee Represent Yourself.
Add Realtor® Representation for 1%

​$299 MLS Fee Represent Yourself.
Add Realtor® Representation for 1%.

​MLS Only or Full & Limited Service.

​Expert Easy Online Listing Options

​By Owner Listing Plan, All Online

​Flat Fee MLS For Owners

The Real MLS

Self Represent, Real MLS, Pay 1/2*

Self Represent, Real MLS, Pay Half

Pay 1/2*, Real MLS, Self Represent

​Pay Half, Real MLS, Self Represent

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