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   Save on Commission if you can.  If you want expert representation and support, but don't need the extras or the full commission expense, then try Discount Limited Service MLS with Representation, compare plans here.


    Our goal is to sell your home as fast as possible for as much money as possible.  We provide our professional experience establishing value, preparing for the best showings possible and physical help.  Almost everyone agrees with our goals and learns to trust that we only want whats best for you.  Start here or call Michael Conciatori today, 813-333-5095


  • Property review
  • Help determine and clean out "extra" household items
  • Cleanup
  • Pictures
  • Price range valuation with projections of time
  • MLS advertising
  • Call screening
  • Appointment sceduling
  • Showing follow up and feedback requests
  • Frequent listing activity review and projections
  • Contract offer review and summary
  • Negotiations
  • Net proceeds & projected costs to close
  • Follow through with paperwork
  • Expert guidance and advice through closing
Florida Realtors For Selling My House. Florida Limited Power of Attorney Real Estate Agent Palm Harbor Florida


Hire Michael Conciatori, Florida Realtor® for selling my home, Fl. Start here for a full service Fl Realtor to sell my house with little owner involvement or no owner involvement is needed with Florida Limited Power of Attorney Agent.

Hire FL REALTOR® to SELL MY HOUSE in Florida

Welcome, is a Licensed Real Estate brokerage in Florida. always puts our clients interests first. We offer the option to operate under Limited Power of Attorney for you; this option allows us to offer complete hands off service, we complete the transaction and deliver you a check. Get more details by contacting us here. Once we review the specifics of your home, we can make a valuable service offer.

​Florida Realtor to Sell My House in Florida


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florida realtor for selling my home in Florida?

1. We are a Florida licensed statewide office - CQ1046253. We can list your house for sale or lease throughout most of Florida. Our office is especially effective for selling your house in one area of Florida, while buying one in another area at the same time. We cooperate with and support all Florida Realtors® to sell your house fast.

2. We act fast when you sign up, so you don't worry if someone is going to call. You will see us working right away, we have extended business hours. will quickly review the property and can negotiate a great rate for a hands off selling service, your presence is not needed.

3. Adding Limited Power of Attorney Service allows us to sign all of the documents necessary to list and sell your home and we can collect escrow funds to maintain the expenses of the property. You can select this option on the Start Up Form, click here.

4. Realtors® to sell your house in Florida have the tools and experience to understand the Florida markets. Our specialty is listing residential real estate for sale to find buyers. We measure a combination of price range and seller's motivations.

5. Those of you who don't utilize our power of attorney, receive a free virtual electronic signature and storage room for necessary documents. The access to your documents and information is delivered to your email, no login is necessary. You can also upload your own files as needed for storage & communicate directly with in the recorded stream message.

6. We manage communication, service expectations and the complete transaction online, by phone and through our exchange. We want you to have the best real estate experience you have ever had.

Sellers and Buyers use an easy Full Service Start Up form.