Michael Conciatori 34685 Listing Broker Palm Harbor

​​Full Service 34685 Listing Broker Includes the Following

  • Full representation as Single Agent
  • Property review
  • Help determine and clean out "extra" household items (fee may apply)
  • Cleanup (fee may apply)
  • Pricing analysis
  • Assistance with listing paperwork
  • Guidance for staging and property preparation
  • Wide angle photographs and video walkthrough
  • Call and appointment management
  • Initial Open House
  • Follow up and feedback collection
  • Negotiations
  • Contract paperwork
  • Follow through until closing with expert support
  • Add Power of Attorney and we can handle everything without your involvement

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Limited Services Listing Broker Palm Harbor, Fl 34685

Two Limited Service Plans to Choose From

     Sellers can save 30% to 50%* or more off our full service commission by choosing a limited service listing broker Palm Harbor 34685.

  1. Limited Service MLS with representation but save 30% to 50% or more* simpy because we don't visit the home.
  2. By Owners on MLS, without representation, you do everything yourself to save about 50%*.

34685 Palm Harbor, Fl Real Estate Listing Agents & homes for sale Palm Harbor, Fl 34685

​​Michael Conciatori  ​813-333-5095​​​  Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Real Estate Listing Brokers Palm Harbor, Florida 34685 Listing Agents

Listing Agents 34685 - Listings and Reports

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Listing Agent 34685 Report: Get an active, pending & sold MLS report that includes average prices, days on market and more, click here.

REAL ESTATE LISTINGs & Homes For Sale PALM HARBOR, Fl 34685 & Beyond

     If you are moving, downsizing or upsizing, Michael is your best choice for real estate listings & homes for sale Palm Harbor, Fl 34685, as well as most locations in Central Florida, Southwest Florida and Southeast Florida. Discount listing plans are available in the aforementioned locations. Full service listing representation and power of attorney is available statewide.

     You can call or contact Michael Conciatori to gain some insight and to plan a listing strategy.

     Mike can pay buyers who hire him cash in the form of a rebate at closing, often thousands of dollars. Hire Mike to represent your interests as a buyer's agent in Florida statewide.

     If you can't find suitable real estate listing in Palm Harbor North Pinellas County Florida, try expanding your search. Click here to expand your listing search to regional Central Fl, SwFl or SeFl. You'll search directly in broker MLS for the most up to date and accurate listings available. You can order a listing report to your email here.

     Alternatively, have Mike search for you with a custom search and receive a rebate offer. You can review search topics on the contact form.

Real Estate Listings Agent 34685 Listing Broker Palm Harbor, Fl

Four listing plans to opt for; two full service options or two limited service plans to keep more equity!

     Michael Conciatori is a trustworthy Real Estate Listing Agent 34685 & Listing Broker Palm Harbor, Fl 34685.

     Mymlsbroker.com has sold 100's of homes with services available throughout Central and South Florida.​​

Full Service - Power of Attorney - Limited Service MLS - List By Owners on MLS

34685 Palm Harbor, Fl Real Estate & Homes For Sale

     Michael, acting as your real estate listing broker Palm Harbor, Fl 34685 has four ways to list real estate & homes for sale. Contact Mike today to plan your listing strategy.

1. Standard Full Service requires homeowner participation in structuring a listing agreement, subsequent forms and contract paperwork is reviewed and signed by the owner. The owner might do some refreshing of the property, will continue the maintenance and pays all bills for the property during the duration of the listing. If a tenant is in place then the owner will managae all aspects of the ongoing lease.

2.  Limited Power of Attorney (POA) means that the homeowner hires Michael to have POA as it pertains to one specific topic of selling a specified property. The POA is structured around a listing agreement and needs of the property owner. The service begins after we agree on the limits, fees and the POA is signed by the owner and recorded with the county. Micheal can then take all actions to effectuate the sale independently with no seller participation including; managing the maintenance, bills, tenant or other aspects of the going concern until it is sold. Often escrow funds are collected from the owner by the broker as necessary funds to operate the going concern. Micheal then pays all invoices, manages necessary aspects and signs all necessary agreements and documents regarding the sale. After the POA is signed depending on the limits set, no owner participation is needed. Mike delivers proceeds to the owner by check or wire upon closing.

3.  Limited Service Representation with MLS so Michael can represent you and manage all the details of your for sale listing, appointment calls, negotiations & contracts at a substantially reduced rate from our full service listing; you save 35%' or more. There's a $299 listing fee, then pay commission at the closing, as low as 1.50%' if we find the buyer or up to 4%* with another broker's participation.

4. List By Owner on MLS to represent yourself in all aspect of the sale. Purchase a Fl Flat Fee MLS Listing for $299 & offer about 3%* (up to you) for buyers found through MLS.  Our Flat Fee MLS Listing Fl has the same full listing pictures & extreme advertising exposure as our full service listings.  If Fl Fsbo MLS to represent yourself against all agents is too much work for you, then try our Level Up Limited Service MLS with trustworthy representation.

    View active competing listings in Palm Harbor, click here. See expanded searches lower on this web page.

     Market Summary Report: Get an active, pending, sold & expired listing summary that includes average prices, days on market, change in inventory, listing price compared to sold price and more, click here.

     If you would like a broker analysis or an explanation of costs associated with listing your specific property, contact Mike.