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faq'S flat fee​ on MLS by owner & limited service Representation

​FAQ Florida flat fee listing on MLS by owner in Central & South Florida; full service statewide. FAQ Florida limited service listing on MLS in Central and South Florida. See more about flat fee to list on MLS from our home page.

Flat fee to list on mls, Florida Flat fee Limited Service MLS Realtors®

Please contact us here or give us a call to learn more about a flat fee to list on MLS, Florida. Michael Conciatori is knowledgeable and diligent to assist you.

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Which FL counties can I hire your By Owner MLS and Discount Limited Service?
Miami Dade, Palm Beach, Broward, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Duval, Lee, Collier, Glades, Pasco, Sumter, Lake, Volusia, Orange, Polk, Manatee, Hardee, Highlands, Hernando, Sarasota, DeSoto, Charlotte, Seminole, Osceola, St. Lucie, Clay, Columbia, Flagler, Putnam and St. John's Counties. Full service available statewide!

What is the MLS?
   The MLS stands for the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a local database of homes for sale by REALTORS® that posts advertisements throughout the internet and through RETS feeds and IDX, to all member agent websites who choose to participate in IDX. REALTORS® use the MLS when searching for homes for bona fide buyers. MLS systems are the tool that all Realtors use to connect buyers and seller throughout the United States and around the world. We are providing you the same MLS listing advertising you would receive if you had hired our full service real estate agency for their half of the approximate 6%-7% listing commission.

Who will be able to view my property?
   Only licensed REALTORS® have direct access to the actual MLS systems and use it to search or post lists of homes for sale. All of the properties in the MLS can be automatically uploaded to® and hundreds of others websites for the general public to view as Realtor's advertising. You may obtain your own buyer without the aid of MLS and pay no commission, only pay a low $399.00 Transaction Fee. You reserve the right to sell without a Realtor if you find an unrepresented buyer through your own efforts and advertisements. But the fact is, according to these NAR gathered statistics, that almost 90% of buyers will be represented by an agent and those are qualified buyers. So if you want to sell your home, then make sure to promptly respond to all agent calls or emails.  

What if I pay a listing fees, then do not want to list my property?                                     Your payment is due prior to activation of your listing so we can process all of the market information for you. Once your listing has begun to be entered into the mls system or once we ship your lockbox or yard sign, there are no refund. You may have a refund any time before the realtor has begun your listing in the MLS or before your yard sign or lockbox ships, except if you sign a sales contract to sell the home during the time the listing agreement has been signed. You can withdraw your property from MLS for free at any time after it is Active, which cancels our Listing Agreement, unless under contract for sale and excluding specified terms regarding a buyer procured by efforts or the efforts of any Real Estate Licensee during the time the listing agreement was active by signature.                                                                                                                                                                                         

What if I want to go with a "full service REALTOR®" after I try MLS Only?
   You may upgrade to Limited Service MLS with representation or a Full Service real estate agent at any time. We can negotiate a great rate for you as well as offer the maximum service including Limited Power of Attorney, where we handle everything and deliver you a check after the sale. You may cancel to use another broker, no cancellation fee; you must first Withdraw your property from our listing. We believe can help you sell your property as long as you utilize our guidance, have time to allow showings and have selected the fair price range to sell it. can connect you with high performance agents in the USA for a full service experience you will remember. 

Will my MLS Only property look any different than other properties on the MLS?    No. You are receiving the same MLS listing as our full service local Realtors.

How long will my property stay in the MLS?
   As long as you wish. State law and MLS rules require that a listing has a beginning date and an end or "Expiration Date". We allow you to choose the "Expiration Date". You can extend the date at any time.

What if I don't have photos?
   You will need to get at least 12, 4 for vacant land, including one of the front exterior taken. The MLS requires at least 1 photo of the front exterior to load a listing. The best photos will achieve the most showings. Follow our advice to get the best results.

Can I add my Open House date in the MLS Only plan?
   Yes, it is part of your subscription service. Easily add an open house on your Listing Changes and Re-listing Form in your signing room.

What is my property worth?
   We offer with our subscription a home value report (CMA)along with additional methods to determine a fair marketable value. Limited service sales and full service sales include an agent's price analysis and opinion, MLS Only does not.

MLS ONLY - Do you charge for minor changes?
   No. Any available changes are easily made in your assigned room.

MLS ONLY - Will REALTORS® call me to show my property?
   Yes. When filling out the information for your listing you can instruct REALTORS® to call you to show the property.

Do I have to offer a commission to a REALTOR® that brings me a buyer?
   Yes. In order to insert your property into the REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service  a commission must be offered to a REALTOR® that brings you a buyer. The commission that you offer is an amount of your choice and can be either a flat fee dollar amount or a percentage of the sales price. You can offer bonuses or change the commission at any time.

Where can I find the Public Record information for my property? will provide a tax record and a full property information report to you when it is electronically available. Some counties do not upload digital files. In that case you will need to go to your town or county office to get a copy of the tax record. They may also mail one to you.

When does the title company get involved?
   You should contact a title company about the same time you list your property. A good title company will explain what is to be expected and walk you through the steps. When you receive a contract, you will deliver the contract either by hand or fax or email and they will take it from there to closing.

How do I know my property is still in the MLS?
   Your property is in the MLS until it expires or we manually remove it. The copy we send you will have all the information you need to find it on the internet. If you are not having showings, maybe the price is too high?

My listing is getting ready to EXPIRE, can I extend it?
   Yes, at no charge. Re-list an Expired Listing for $99.99. Re-list a Withdrawn listing for $199.99.

Can I get a new MLS #?
   Only if the listing has Expired or has been Withdrawn. Cumulative days on market remains across brokerages for about 60 day for expired or withdrawn listings. There is nothing that can change this fact.

What do I do once i have a signed contract?
   You must report contracts immidiately to our office to avoid any penalties that may apply. We are required to update all status changes in mls with 48 hours.

​​What if i rent my house that was only listed for sale and visa versa?
   If you rent your home that you had only listed for sale on mls, then you are obligated to pay a $350 transaction fee. If you only list your home for rent and sell the home, you also will be obligated to pay a $350 transaction fee.

   If you have any more questions we would be happy to answer them. Contact Us. 813-333-5095