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     We offer the option to operate under Limited Power of Attorney Agency. This option allows your agent to complete and sign all necessary documents, listing agreements and contract paperwork on your behalf. Once a POA agreement is in effect, the property owner need not participate and we deliver a check to you when the home is sold.

     Mymlsbroker.com will represent you as a buyer in this capacity as well.

​All Full Services are brokered statewide, so tell a friend.


- The Full Service plans have full costs depending on the level of detail you would like Mymlsbroker.com services to cover and also depending on the price point of the home. Generally, Full Service costs 5% - 8% of the sale price and may have additional flat fees or escrow deposits required.

    Our goal is to sell as fast as possible for as much money as possible while making it as easy as possible for the homeowner.  We provide our professional experience establishing value, market analysis and expectations, preparing for the best showings possible and physical help.  If you agree with our goals, you can trust that we only want whats best for you. Find out more below or call Michael Conciatori today, 813-333-5095


   You can represent yourself to save about 50% off commission compared to our Full Service plan and you can sell to a buyer that you find on your own, by your own effort, without paying commission; there's a low $350 transaction fee still due in this case.  We can provide any blank paperwork upon request.

     Mymlsbroker.com advertises your Florida listing on the Realtor's MLS and you represent yourself by owner in all matters of the real estate sale or rental. Agents will call you directly for appointments and negotiations. The mls listing fee is currently $299.00 for sale and $199 for rent. The kicker is, we will include a plastic yard sign, combo lockbox, a comps report and tailored checklist of information to help prepare you for the sale of your property; any or all of what you want. It's not just a quick MLS listing that leaves you wondering what to do next; it's a listing with Michael Conciatori.

     Instead of paying commission to both the listing broker and the buyer's broker, you will represent yourself to pay about 1/2* the commission, generally about 3%*. You will choose the commission as a percentage or a dollar amount and it will include all broker commission and fees due at closing.

Florida DISCOUNT MLS Listing Programs & FULL SERVICE Listings, Fl

     MYMLSBROKER.com flat fee real estate founder Michael Conciatori has had many experiences hiring a real estate agent over the years. Some agents would not call back, didn't show in a timely manner, they only worked part time or they didn't have effective negotiating experience. Not to mention the listing commission expense drastically cut into profit. The last commission Michael paid was a 5% deal totaling $19,750, that's too much money.

Michael has the solutions with Florida Discount MLS Listing Programs & Full Service Listings, Fl.

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Listing Agent in Florida STANDARD FULL SERVICE INCLUDES: (fees may apply)

  • Property review
  • Help determine and clean out "extra" household items
  • Cleanup
  • Pictures
  • Price range valuation with projections of time
  • MLS advertising
  • Call screening
  • Appointment sceduling
  • Showing follow up and feedback requests
  • Frequent listing activity review and projections
  • Contract offer review and summary
  • Negotiations
  • Net proceeds & projected costs to close
  • Follow through with paperwork
  • Expert guidance and advice through closing


​​You can save 35%*to 50% or more compared to our Full Service plan and if we can find the buyer, you could save more than 50%'. You can not sell by owner.

Mymlsbroker.com's Florida Discount Limited Service MLS plan offers the right support with REALTOR® single agent representation. You will receive the full support of our office. We provide a 18"x24" custom red print coroplast yard sign and a lockbox, price opinion, market reports, answer all calls, verify all realtors, make appointments, gather feedback, follow up, negotiate, contract the sale and follow through to closing. 

You have opportunity to save even more off commissions because you could pay as little as '1.50% total commission if we find the buyer. I can specify the lowest possible commission once I know some details about the subject property. 

Florida Discount MLS for sale by owners list flat fee on MLS, Florida