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Bradenton, Fl homes for sale & real estate for sale by owner flat fee MLS bradenton, Fl

For sale by owner flat fee mls listing bradenton, Fl

One Full $299 Plan: Pay 1/2* with Tailored Reports, Comps, Support, EForms, Checklist, Keybox & Yard Sign Included.​ ​List your Bradenton homes for sale today with Mike's by owner flat fee MLS listing Bradenton, Fl. 

List for Flat Fee on MLS By Owner Bradenton, Florida

bradenton FLAT FEE MLS, by owner Flat fee mls Listing

Most homes in America sell on Realtor® MLS. You can list your condos & homes for sale in Bredenton, Fl MLS to represent yourself for $299. Then pay about 3%* if a Bradenton Realtor brings the buyer. Our Bradenton flat fee MLS listing provides you the same max home for sale listing pictures and max exposure as our full service real estate listings. We can have you listed quickly or help you with your listing. Flat Fee MLS By Owner representation is available in 30+ counties, see them here.  If flat fee mls listing Bradenton, Fl is not for you, try Level Up Limited Service MLS, click here.

If you decide that you need a full service sales team, click here.

One Full MLS Flat fee Bradenton Plan, One Broker, One Office

​​     Our $299.00 Bradenton flat fee listing includes:

  • Florida REALTORS®, Bradenton MLS listing that works, it's the same Bradenton MLS as full service with worldwide exposure - we are Bradenton MLS members
  • ​List for as long as you want, offer any commission
  • ​Property details & comparable sold/leased reports (CMA) as well as a complete market summary report; emailed to you
  • Tailored checklist of all electronic documents, contracts, leases, addenda or disclosures; in a virtual room
  • Owner electronic signatures, easy email selling plan
  • Your contact info on the MLS listing for all Realtors®
  • Find your own buyer through your own efforts, and pay NO commission; the fact is, nearly 90% of buyers have an agent
  • Pay $299.00 listing fee; *then choose one total commission amount to sell - checklist includes commission strategy ideas
  • showcase listing has extended features
  • ​MLS listing on, Zillow, Yahoo, Msn, Homefinder and hundreds more with the full power of professional MLS
  • Listed on agent and broker websites through IDX search & Florida Realtors® ​MLS Advantage Statewide
  • ​Up to 35 pictures - easily uploaded
  • ​Free and easy active MLS listing updates & open houses
  • Property preperation MAX price checklist of guidance ​  
  • ​Withdraw at any time, free​
​Save $1,000 in commission with a list on MLS Flat Fee Bradenton, Fl

A real estate broker standard full service listing agreement pays commission to both the buyer-side broker and seller-side broker; usually about 6%, depending on your local market. By using The Power MLS Listing Plan™​ you immediately cut that amount in about half. You pay the seller-side only $400.00 to list and an amount of your choice, usually about 3% to get the buyer. Landlords save 1/2 a months rent, less $249. Thats the only fee decision you have to make, it's flat fee MLS Bradenton.

​​Sign up herewe do the preliminary leg work for you.​ Receive comparable Active/Pending/Sold home listings, hand selected Bradenton comps, tax records and property details. If you want your listing done fast, we can do most in under 12 hrs.  813-333-5095


The MLS stands for the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a local database of homes for sale by REALTORS® that offer commission based sales opportunities. Nearly 90% of homes are sold through REALTORS®. All REALTORS® use the MLS when searching for homes for bona fide buyers. Agents/Brokers want to show a home that is at the right price and the right commission. MLS is a fantastic system of trading property offers to real estate professionals and Worldwide Internet advertising of your property.


Only licensed REALTORS® have access to the MLS. acting as your listing brokerage, will post your MLS listing for you.  All of the properties in the MLS can be uploaded to® Showcase,,,® and hundreds of websites for the general public to view. However, uploading across these sites can take up to a week.


​​Sign up and use the checklist that includes:

  • Experienced broker commission strategy guidance
  • A property details report of pertinent information
  • Home valuation guidelines and an area recent sales comparison report
  • Staging and quick, affordable home fix up ideas
  • Picture-taking guidance
  • Guidance for showings and open houses
  • Seller(s) electronic signatures for easy preparation and transmittance
  • Negotiating tips
  • Tips to selecting a closing agent, title company or lawyer
  • Customized yard sign Included, add another for $45
  • ​Key lock box included, use with verified agents
  • Florida Real Estate Contract Assistance service is available in The Store, we can guide all form completion and send to all sale participants for e-signatures and closing; it's the follow though on the contract to closing.

    You are free to sell for sale by owner. You can make your own advertisements to find an unrepresented buyer who doesn't work with an agent and was not found by MLS to avoid commission expenses. Pay only a $350 transaction fee. Attract buyers attention with the easy to read yard sign.

    How Bradenton Flat Fee MLS Listing By owner sign up works

    1. Register your property withthis registration form. We *quickly send a market trend summary to your email. *Quick summary not available for rentals or vacant land, CMA full report only.

    2. We email your checklist and electronic listing forms in about 20 minutes; your CMA and Trend Report arrives in a few hoursReceive all listing forms, sign forms, communicate with us and select the steps you feel will help improve your listing, from one electronic selling room that is emailed to you. No Login needed.

    3. List fast or review your CMA and reports that we upload to your reference documents section. Upload your photos in the same room or on our easy upload form; follow our checklist tips to producing effective pictures.

    4. Once the required forms are signed, we will post your listing; then we send you a copy.

    ​Click here to review client responsibilities. 813-333-5095

    flat fee MLS Bradenton - FOR SALE $299.00*FOR RENT Bradenton ​FLAT FEE MLS - ​$199.00*

    List on MLS FLAT FEE BY OWNER MLS LISTINg BRadenton, Fl mls

    1. No Guessing Preparation; Checklist, CMA, Trend Report, Property Details & EForm disclosures are tailored to your transaction and emailed to you for completion & E-Signatures.
    2. ​Save thousands in commission representing yourself - same Bradenton MLS as full service with powerful worldwide internet exposure of up to  35 pictures. *Choose your own Flat Rate Commission amount offered for buyers, during the easy online listing process, *ex. 3%.
    3. No time limits - list as long as you want - take as long as you want
    4. No printing - No mailing - No faxing - makes it easy to list
    5. showcase & exposure on every applicable website available to Bradenton MLS, plus broker IDX searches on agent websites
    6. ​Free Bradenton Flat Fee MLS listing changes or add open house dates to MLS - we provide a PDF flyer, you provide a video tour - we will upload it
    7. Customized yard sign and handy lock box is included